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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football gambling future bets can be interesting to consider, especially in the NFL.

The NFL season doesn’t begin until September and preseason games don’t start until August, but pro football gambling can actually start much earlier. NFL futures are bets made on teams to win the Super Bowl, the conference, the division, or on the amount of games they will win for the season.

Football gambling on NFL futures really doesn’t start to get going until just before the preseason begins. Many online sportsbooks won’t post some of their NFL futures until the season gets closer. The NFL draft definitely has an effect on the totals and football gambling oddsmakers like to get a handle on numbers before posting them late in the summer.

The NFL really is the best league in all of sports. There is a salary cap that gives every team a reach chance at winning. That also gives the football gambling bettor a reach chance to make money on NFL futures. Remember that value does exist in various places and some football gambling bettors believe that NFL futures are one of those places. NFL futures football gambling can present some good opportunities because every team really believes they have a chance to win the Super Bowl. 

So where do we start when looking at NFL football gambling future bets? The first place to look in pro football gambling is to teams that had a losing record from the previous season and decide whether or not they have a legitimate chance for improvement. Usually we can find a few strong candidates that have some really attractive football gambling odds. We see teams that struggle one year be a division winner the next.  Teams that were 7-9 are excellent choices to be winners the next season.

Another thing to consider as a football gambling bettor is NFL futures in terms of win totals. The football gambling oddsmaker sets a number, and you can go over or under that number, depending upon how successful you think a team will be.  This is an interesting future bet in football gambling because it keeps you in action all year long.

One thing to keep in mind with pro football gambling futures is to always look for a team that could surprise. You really want pro football gambling odds of 10-1 or greater if you are looking at a Super Bowl future because your money will be tied up a long time.

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