Football Betting where less is more

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football Betting successfully often requires that you do less instead of more. In college football gambling there are so many games and so many teams on the board that you have to take a step back sometimes and do less.

Football Betting on Saturdays involves looking at 120 teams and about 50 games on the football gambling board. With roughly three times as many games, therefore, the potential is great that a gambler will burn himself out trying to do too much with his college research. Just the opposite is needed when betting football, however, as those who do less end up winning more. The key is to develop a Football Betting methodology that quickly gets to the root of college football value.

Those imposing numbers of college football gambling end up overwhelming the masses that end up burying themselves in research, clouding and confusing their minds. Beyond that, far too many gamblers play far too many games when betting football. When a Football Betting player is researching the teams that are on the board for a particular week, and pouring over the trends, stats, and media stories, he is going to end up with “paralysis by analysis.”

The first thing to understand about Football Betting on Saturdays is that the less you do the more clear you will think and the more decisive you will be with your wagering. Obviously, you don’t want to be decisive at picking losers when Football Betting but at the same time you want to know what too look for and find it quickly. The most effective way to wager on college football games is to develop keys to look for that will quickly eliminate most of the teams and games and keep you focused on value orientation. The most important thing that you can do is learn the concept of value when betting football.  It applies in college football betting just as it does in NFL betting Value is important in all forms of gambling and college football betting is no exception to that rule.

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