NFL Betting Systems and NFL wagering odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting can be profitable if you know what to look for and what factors are important. One area in your handicapping that can prove helpful is the use of nfl betting systems.

Football betting systems can oftentimes point you to winners as you look at the pointspread.  In football gambling this season you may want to consider looking at past systems that have proven successful.  No football betting system will work all the time but there have been a few through the years that have worked in football betting. The first one that we want to look at in football betting is betting against any NFL team playing its third consecutive road game.  This football betting system doesn’t have a lot of plays but the numbers have been around 60% for football betting players through the years.

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Our next football betting system is really simple.  We bet against last year’s Super Bowl winner in the first few games of the new season.  If you want to add a secondary football betting system to this one you can also bet against the Super Bowl runner-up from the previous season.

Our next football betting system has us playing the home underdog if they won on the road last week.  Now we get a team catching points that is coming off a nice win last week on the road.  This one is also over 60% in football gambling.

Our next football betting system is betting against any NFL team that is trying to cover as a road favorite for the second consecutive week.  Laying points on the road is tough and doing it two straight weeks is even tougher.

Our next football betting system is the underdog system where we bet on any NFL home team that has won its last two games as a dog.  The dog is now at home which gives them a big edge.  This is also over 60% in football gambling.

Another football betting dog system has you playing any road underdog that was shutout on the road as a dog last week.  Everyone will be down on the team this week so you get more points.  This is another 70% winning football gambling system.

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