Football Betting Surprises

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

While the football betting masses will find comfort in home favorites, you will find surprises in internet football betting with the road dogs.

Football betting surprises are what make you money each NFL season. It is not the high profile teams that do the best for you in Internet football betting, it is the surprises that happen every NFL season. When looking over the NFL football betting lines, what you want is value and that means finding teams that sometimes go unnoticed.

Football betting handicappers typically look at matchups and come to the conclusion that the better team will win the game. The typical pro gambler will play a lot of home teams that are favored and avoid road dogs like the plague. This should serve as your first clue about finding surprises in football betting. You will not find surprises in Internet football betting by looking in the same places as the rest of the crowd. Thus, home favorites, on balance, are not where to find your best plays against the football betting board.

Nobody ever made a living at NFL football betting by solely playing favorites, particularly power favorites at home. It may work for certain teams at certain times during certain seasons but, on balance and as a rule, betting home chalks cannot sustain a profit in Internet football betting.

Remember, the NFL football betting lines are a reflection of public perception and the consumer demand of gamblers. The more that the public wants something, the more that it is going to cost, meaning that the less likely that it is going to retain value. That leads to where NFL football betting surprises can be found and that is with underdogs, particularly road underdogs. The masses are simply not comfortable with playing road teams that are getting points, as thy think that there are two disadvantages, which are playing the weaker team and playing them on the road, regardless of the merit of the price and relative Internet football betting value. Sure, there can be a time and a place for a home chalk, but as a rule, look first at the dogs, as you will often be getting good football betting surprises that can make you money.

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