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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online totals, also known as over/unders can be a good option to consider in college and football betting.

They are not as popular as pointspreads but you will see totals on every game in football betting online odds.

Football betting online totals can have a few advantages over pointspread sides.  First, you don’t care who wins the game, you only care about teams scoring or not scoring.  Second, since totals get less attention in football betting online odds, they can sometimes be easier to beat.  Third, football betting online totals can have lower limits, which means the sportsbooks would prefer gamblers wager on sides since those numbers are stronger.  This can really apply to NBA totals but it also applies to college and NFL football betting totals as well.  Also remember that the public likes to bet overs more than they bet unders when it comes to totals.

Keep in mind that when you bet totals in football betting online that the public will have an influence, although not as much as they do on sides.
For example, in football games that are to be played in bad weather, the public will automatically be thinking that the game will be low scoring and an “under” in football betting online. The oddsmakers know this, however, and post extra low football betting online totals numbers as a result. This means that a low scoring game can actually go “over” the football betting online total and a potentially high scoring game might go under the football betting total.

You will also notice that when you see football betting online odds that postseason games tend to be lower scoring than regular season action. The oddsmakers will compensate for this, as a result, and often post lower totals in football betting online odds in the post season, which is a value consideration for gamblers.  The one exception to that rule is the Super Bowl where the public loves to bet the over no matter which teams are involved.  It is the public’s preference to bet the favorite and over in football betting unless bad weather is involved.

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