Football Betting Online: Picking Division Winners

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online begins several months before the Week 1 games finally kick off, as gamblers are able to bet on football futures involving a variety of themes.

One of the most popular football betting online futures involves selecting which team will win each NFL division. This type of football betting online is particularly popular because gamblers can choose teams from numerous different divisions, but each wager must be made carefully based on the established football betting online odds.

Football betting online on divisional futures is most common before the regular season begins, as futures provide the only way for gamblers to bet on football during this time. These futures are established much like other futures, such as those regarding which team will win its conference or the Super Bowl. However, while football betting online fans may place wagers on several teams to win the Super Bowl, it only really makes sense to bet on one team to win any one of the NFL’s eight divisions. Football betting online involving more than one team in each division will simply guarantee too many losses, as each division is only home to four franchises. Nevertheless, one can obviously bet on football divisional futures by selecting one team in all eight divisions, thereby providing an attractive way to place numerous futures wagers that will provide excitement and entertainment throughout the year.

Some football betting online enthusiasts simply choose the top team in each division when they bet on football with divisional futures. However, when placing such wagers it is imperative that you analyze each team’s potential and then compare it to the established betting odds. For example, one team may be the overwhelming football betting online favorite in its division, meaning the odds for the team to win its division may be set at -800, or another very high number. Consequently, football betting online on this team involves a very large risk and only a small payoff. One can sometimes actually find better football betting online value by wagering on the teams that are expected to finish in the middle of their divisions. For instance, by football betting online on a decent team with odds of +250 to win its division you give yourself the opportunity to earn a fairly attractive payoff with only minimal risk. Even though the probabilities of winning the wager are relatively small, the payoff is sometimes high enough to make the risk worthwhile.

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