Football Betting Online Money Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online money lines can be an interesting option to consider instead of pointspreads.

Money lines make it so all if you have to do is pick the winner of the game in football betting.  Let’s look at money lines as they apply to football betting online.

Football betting online money lines will have you laying money with the favored team or getting plus money with the underdog. For example if the New England Patriots were a 4-point home favorite over the San Diego Chargers and you wanted the Patriots on the money line instead, you would lay around -$180 to win $100 in football betting online. If, on the other hand you wanted the Chargers, you would bet $100 to win $160 in football betting. The twenty cent difference between laying $180 on New England and taking $160 on San Diego is the equivalent of the “vig/juice” that you would bet with sides on the football betting online pointspreads. In this case, the Patriots and Chargers are a “twenty cent line” in football betting online action. Money lines generally range from twenty to sometimes as high as eighty cents on games that are considered total mismatches in football betting online.

The best argument for taking the money line would be in the case of a pointspread bettor that took New England -4, with the Patriots winning by a score of 24-21. In this case, even though the Patriots won the game the Chargers covered the 4-point football betting spread. This is the type of loss that has driven football betting online gamblers to the brink of insanity, and why the money line is a viable alternative.

Many professional gamblers prefer the money line for their football betting online action. The money line, in a sense, empowers a gambler to remain confident and not become intimidated or scared of getting burned on the football betting online pointspread. A gambler will be more willing to bet strong and “step out” with the money line, if he is certain that he has picked the correct straight up winner.  Keep in mind thought that you cannot afford to be wrong about the big favorites. A loss with a chalk at -$200 or more can take quite a while to recover from in football betting online and such upsets are not uncommon in football betting.

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