Football Betting Online: Find Overrated Teams

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting online frequently involves supporting the same teams or betting against the same teams nearly every week

However, to bet on football in this way one must determine very early in the season which teams offer the best and worst football betting online value. One strategy to determine which teams offer particularly poor football betting online value involves recognizing which teams are the most overrated.

Football betting online can actually sometimes be fairly effective when one simply chooses to bet on football against a specific team nearly every week of the year. Each season there are several teams who finish the year with horrible records of 6-10 or less against the football betting online odds. Therefore, if one is able to bet on football against such a team in every game then he will clearly make a profit. Some fans of football betting online feel as though it is the absolute worst teams in the league that deserve to be wagered against in this fashion. Although that may be the case in some instances, it can also be very useful to find the most overrated teams and bet on football against them.

Overrated teams, by definition, are often featured in the football betting online odds as if they were much more capable than they actually are. Therefore, such teams are typically unable to cover the football betting online odds and consequently offer value if you consistently wager against them. Overrated teams are not those teams that are necessarily the worst in the league; in fact, they may have quite decent overall records throughout the season. However, when you bet on football, unless you are football betting online on the money line, you are only interested in a team’s ATS record, not its overall record. To determine which teams are overrated you should look for those teams that performed surprisingly well in the previous year, generating lots of hype and high expectations that cannot be achieved. Every season such teams attract lots of football betting online action, especially in the first half of the season, before the football betting online public finally realizes the team cannot live up to its preseason hype. Also, one can sometimes identify overrated teams by simply identifying overrated players. If a team is led by a few star players who do not play quite as well as they generate publicity, then the team will quite possibly be overrated in the football betting online odds. Furthermore, teams with excellent offenses and poor defenses sometimes attract lots of interest among the football betting online public, despite being unable to cover the football betting online spreads in most match ups.

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