Football Betting on Running Quarterbacks

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Running quarterbacks can make amazing plays with their feet that football betting fans do not forget when they are handicapping the NFL betting lines.

Football betting naturally must pay particularly close attention to quarterbacks, as they are the field generals who lead their teams to victories. Many NFL betting veterans have noticed that in recent years the quarterback position has slightly changed, as it has become more common to witness quarterbacks who run the ball with startling regularity. When a quarterback can run well it adds a new weapon to an offense’s arsenal, which can build confidence in the minds of many football betting enthusiasts, but sometimes such quarterbacks do not offer NFL betting value that matches their entertainment value.

Online Football betting fans were first really introduced to the scrambling quarterback style from Michael Vick, who was drafted first in the 2001 draft and had his ups and downs in Atlanta before his well-publicized fall from grace on dog fighting charges. Since Vick, the most notable running quarterback to grace the football betting boards is Vince Young. NFL betting fans were often thrilled by Vick’s style of play and football betting fans are similarly entertained by Young. Also, football betting enthusiasts know that defenses sometimes struggle to defend against running quarterbacks because when a quarterback can run well it is as if the offense has an extra player on the field.

Nevertheless, despite the excitement and advantages that running quarterbacks can offer, football betting fans should still be somewhat skeptical when handicapping football betting odds involving such players. When quarterbacks are always considering running the football, they do not necessarily work as hard to find open receivers. But a quarterback must focus wholeheartedly on throwing the ball, because in the end that is his job. A quarterback who is not throwing the ball well is not a quarterback you will typically want to support in the football betting odds, regardless of how well he runs. Furthermore, football betting analysts note that teams with running quarterbacks often fail to surround these quarterbacks with the talented receivers they need, either because they do not want to invest too much money in receivers who will not be used, or the best receivers do not want to play for a quarterback who frequently runs the ball instead of throwing it. Consequently, even though running quarterbacks can provide excellent NFL entertainment, they do not necessarily provide excellent football betting value.

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