Football Betting on Returning Super Bowl Champions

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The team may offers poor football betting value and be best avoided as you handicap the NFL betting boards.

Football betting on the Super Bowl champions from a previous season requires NFL betting fans to determine whether the reigning champions can repeat their success. The answer, more often than not, happens to be no, as football betting veterans know that it is rare to witness a team win two consecutive titles, and many times a returning champion even fails to reach the playoffs. Consequently, NFL betting fans must be careful about overestimating the potential of returning champions because many factors may be working against them.

Football betting fans know that winning a football game sometimes requires luck, and Super Bowl champions often have a few lucky plays to look back on that helped propel them to the title. However, pro football betting fans also know that luck is not predictable, so Super Bowl champions of one year oftentimes do not enjoy the lucky breaks they need in the following year. Furthermore, Super Bowl champion teams often lose numerous players in the offseason, which can severely impact the team’s NFL betting potential. Some veteran players who previously were factored heavily into the football betting odds may retire after the Super Bowl, happy to leave at the top of their game. On the other hand, other players may leave in free agency, in order to earn more money after having satisfied their desire for a title. Furthermore, the best teams often replenish their ranks through the draft and a Super Bowl champion will naturally have the worst position in the draft, barring any trades for better draft position. With al of these factors working together, it is common that a team that won the Super Bowl and dominated the football betting odds in one year is not quite as competitive in the following year.

Super Bowl champions may not only fail to repeat as champions in the year after their title run, they may also offer particularly lousy NFL betting value. Such is the case because much of the football betting public will undoubtedly expect great things from the returning Super Bowl champions. It makes sense that the returning champions will command as much respect in the football betting lines as any other team in the league. However, these high expectations can actually impact the football betting lines by encouraging the lines makers setting the football betting odds to place the lines higher than they normally would. In other words, the football betting spreads may reflect greater confidence in the Super Bowl champion than the team really deserves.

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