Football Betting Odds Information

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting odds information is plentiful on the Internet today, perhaps too plentiful. There are angles and trends by the bucket full, many of which are not helpful in football gambling.

Football betting odds makers always know the same information that you know about the game. One of the most common angles that handicappers use in football gambling that is overrated is motivation. There are few things more useless than motivational angles based on media reports and quotes. There are no secrets from the football betting odds makers. The football betting odds makers are fully aware of all of these potential intangibles that affect the football betting odds.

Oftentimes the media spin will create sort of a football gambling firestorm that takes on a life of its own and makes the football betting odds move from where they really belong. Again, it cannot be stressed enough, the football betting odds makers read all the papers, Internet stories, blogs, gambling chat rooms, and watch ESPN too, if nothing else to get a feel for the word on the street in order to monitor where the football betting odds belong.

Another thing to remember about football betting odds is if there is a significant mismatch or talent disparity, rest assured that the football betting odds makers not only know about it, but that they know that you are thinking of “taking the power,” which will then make the power less of a value on the board, if not an outright overlay. There are few mismatches on the sportsbook betting boards. If it is a mismatch on the field, that will be reflected in the football betting odds that are large and reflect the mood and the likely betting patterns of the gambling public. You also need to remember that the oddsmakers know what happened last year and last week and they know those things are always on the minds of the general sportsbook betting public and, as a result, they take that into consideration when making the football betting line each week during the football season.

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