Football Betting Mistakes to Avoid

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The football betting oddsmakers know gamblers are reactive, which means that you must be pro-active against the internet football betting lines.

Football betting gamblers usually lose more money than they win. It is a fact of life, particularly in NFL football betting. Gamblers will have a winning weekend now and then, sometimes even a big weekend of winning, but over the long run hardly anyone makes money at Internet football betting. That is not to say you can’t win though, but you must eliminate mistakes to have a chance at football betting.

Football betting is more successful if you can avoid common mistakes. The most common mistakes of the NFL football betting masses include playing too many games, not managing their money, refusal to think “outside the bun” and reactive handicapping. Let’s look at each of these mistakes in football betting.

First, nobody ever made a living at NFL football betting by playing a “laundry list” of games. The more games that a gambler plays the worse he is going to do. Each week there are 12 to 16 games on the NFL football betting boards. That is really not a lot of choice. A winning gambler will focus on the top one, two, or at most three side and total selections on the board and eliminate the rest in Internet football betting.

Second, money management is the downfall of most NFL football betting gamblers, far more so than actual game picking ability. Most gamblers, unfortunately, wager “on the fly” rather than have any real money management plan or system in place for football betting.

Third, if you follow the logic of what you are exposed to in the media, tout sheets, and Internet football betting chat boards you may as well light your money with a match and burn it, because nobody ever got anywhere with “consensus” thinking or conventional “wisdom.” Sportsbooks are not in business because the majority of gamblers are right with Internet football betting. If you are thinking typically you are typically losing. Finally, reacting to last week’s games, or to media stories, is a great way to set yourself up for poor value in football betting.

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