Football Betting: Learn about the Unknown Players

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting fans can consequently improve their NFL betting analyses by learning more about the relatively unknown players in the league.

Football betting decisions are often made primarily with consideration of a team’s main players. While there is no question that a quarterback, for example, should play a particularly important role in your NFL betting, football is a genuine team sport and a huge number of players will significantly impact the outcome of any given football betting match up. Consequently, football betting enthusiasts sometimes find that they benefit considerably from familiarizing themselves with the unheralded players who do not make headlines but nonetheless have major impacts on the field.

Football betting enthusiasts who focus on a select group of players generally focus on the same group of quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, and a few pass rushers. It is these players who are most likely to become starts in a league that does not truly promote individual performers. They are the players who make the big plays, such as scoring touchdowns or making quarterback sacks, which NFL betting fans are most likely to remember. When gamblers handicap the football betting lines they obviously do so based upon the NFL betting information they possess, but problems arise if one’s football betting knowledge is focused too much on a select group of well-known players. Only focusing on a small group of players rarely will yield accurate football betting assessments because a few players can not win a game alone. For example, for a quarterback to perform well he needs good receivers to catch the ball, good protection from the offensive line, and good running backs to keep opposing defenses close to the line of scrimmage.

Football betting fans should become familiar with both offensive and defensive linemen, as offensive linemen are necessary to protect a quarterback while defensive linemen are necessary to pressure an opposing quarterback. It is not uncommon to find yourself handicapping football betting odds involving a team with at least one injured offensive lineman, but if you are clueless about an injured lineman’s strengths and weaknesses then you will be incapable of determining the impact the injury will have on the football betting match up. It may be that the injured lineman is an elite player who the quarterback needs in order to perform effectively, in which case the prospect of football betting on the team should become far less attractive. On the other hand, it may be the case that a back up lineman can perform almost as well as the injured starter, so your handicapping of the NFL betting odds should not really change at all. Only by familiarizing yourself with all of the unheralded players in the NFL will you be able to make such football betting decisions effectively.

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