Football Betting – Last Chance to Bet Win Totals

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The NFL regular season begins on Thursday, September 9th so you need to get your football betting wagers in at Sbg on season win totals.

You can bet futures like who will win the Super Bowl at anytime but once the regular season begins the win totals come off the board.  Let’s run down the win totals in NFL football betting for each team.

Win Total of 10.5 – There are three teams that have win totals of 10.5 for the 2010 season. 10.5 is the highest win total on the board in football betting.  The defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints and runner-up Indianapolis Colts have win totals of 10.5 and so do the San Diego Chargers.  The difference in those three totals is that you have to lay money if you bet the Colts over the total as they are -125.

Win total of 10 – There are three teams who have their win total listed at 10.  They are Baltimore, Green Bay and Dallas. You have to lay money on the over with Dallas while if you bet the Packers or Ravens over their win total you get plus money.

Four Teams at 9.5 – The Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets and New England Patriots have football betting win totals of 9.5.  All four of those teams are considered Super Bowl contenders.

Win Totals of 8.5 and 9 – The Bengals win total is 8.5. They are starting to get some action from bettors as Cincinnati looks just as good as they were last year when they won the AFC North.  Houston’s win total is 8.5 and they are the main contender to Indianapolis in the AFC South. Miami and Pittsburgh also have win totals of 8.5. The Giants and 49ers win total is at 9.

.500 Teams – There are a number of teams that are expected to be right around the .500 mark with win totals of 7.5 or 8.  The Cardinals, Bears, Eagles and Titans are at 8 while Washington’s win total is 7.5.

Who Knows – Carolina, Oakland and Kansas City have NFL football betting win totals of 6.5, Denver, Seattle and Jacksonville have a win total of 7,

Poor Teams – Tampa Bay’s win total is 6, Cleveland has a win total of 5.5, the Buffalo Bills have a win total of 5; Detroit has a win total of 5 while St. Louis has a win total of 4.5.

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