Football Betting in the Playoffs

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting in the playoffs is a bit different than during the regular season.

History has shown that normally in NFL football betting you can look at the home teams as solid wagers but not always. Sometimes a year will come along like 2008-2009 when the underdogs hold their own in football betting. Let’s take a look at wagering on the NFL playoffs.

Football betting during the playoffs can also begin by looking at teams with playoff experience. You have teams like New England that are always ready to play but that doesn’t mean they are always a good football betting value. The experience factor doesn’t mean you will always bet that team, but it is a good place to start in football betting. It is not easy to win playoff games and the more experienced teams have an immediate advantage. While parity is definitely part of the NFL, the teams in the playoffs that win versus the football betting pointspread usually have been there before.

Very often in NFL football betting the media darling is not the best choice. You will get teams like the 2005 Cincinnati Bengals that showed a lot of flash and then did nothing in the playoffs. You will see teams like the Indianapolis Colts show a great offense in the regular season and do nothing in the playoffs. New playoff teams and high powered offenses sometimes struggle in the playoffs and against the football betting pointspread. Solid teams and good defenses usually do well for football betting gamblers. The defense doesn’t have to be great all the time, but it can’t be horrible either.

Football betting during the playoffs is sometimes a bigger challenge than the regular season for gamblers because the NFL football betting line is sharp and rarely will the oddsmaker make a mistake in the line. That means you can’t make a mistake either with your own football betting. You have to look for value and ignore the hype in football betting. Stick to the basics and your chances of success at NFL football betting during the playoffs will definitely be greater.

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