Football Betting Cycles

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The NFL football betting season should be handicapped separately and is not part of the regular season football online betting cycle.

Football betting cycles are interesting to consider since the season lasts about half the year. The early portion of the NFL football betting season can be deceptive, tricky, and often costly to the impatient or ill-informed gambler. Other parts of the football online betting season can be more profitable.

Football betting in the first part of the season can be dangerous as oftentimes “pretenders” will emerge to become the “flavor of the month” as they suck in unsuspecting gamblers that think that they are finding a “sleeper” or “surprise” team. Meanwhile, many times, the true contenders will come out of the gate rather lethargically, and not emerge into what they really are until later in the season. Many times gamblers in football online betting will write off proven commodities before allowing the season to actually play out. The early part of the football betting cycle is a time for caution.

The meat of the NFL football betting season is the months of October and November. This is where you get a good idea of how teams will play for the season. Some of your best opportunities in football betting come during these months. You get a lot of divisional play and some excellent football betting matchups.

The final cycle of the NFL football betting season is the month of December where anything can happen. Teams are fighting for playoff spots while some teams are playing out the string. It is an interesting time in NFL football betting. When looking over portions of the NFL football online betting schedule it is ultimately important to keep a flexible and open mind. Nothing is set in stone and team’s fortunes, values, and performance/results can change in a flip of a coin. Ultimately, by keeping an open mind and staying flexible, a gambler can keep himself out of trouble and potentially ahead of the curve than when stepping out for or against a team in football online betting.

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