Football Betting – Crabtree Holding up the Show

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting could be impacted this season by San Francisco 49er rookie wide receiver Michael Crabtree, if he ever signs.

Football odds show that Crabtree is holding up the show for a lot of teams because he wants Top 5 money.  Since Crabtree is not signed, many of the other Top NFL Draft picks are unsigned as well, waiting on San Francisco to decide if Crabtree will be overpaid.

Football betting odds are already on the board at the sportsbook for preseason games which begin shortly.  The 49ers are not likely to have Crabtree for the first game in football odds at the online sportsbook since training camp is set to begin and Crabtree is unsigned.  Football betting info tells us that San Francisco head coach Mike Singletary is not worried about the situation though since he held out twice when he was playing. "I was drafted in the second round and, of course, I thought I should have been drafted in the first round, so I held out for a week," Singletary said.

The problem with Crabtree holding out is that he is affecting many other teams in football betting.  Football betting had Crabtree taken with the 10th pick in the NFL Draft.  His agent, Eugene Parker is said to be looking for Top 5 money for Crabtree as football odds info shows.  This is a major problem as football betting tells us because the players selected above and below Crabtree don’t want to sign for less money than Crabtree gets.  Football betting shows that the Raiders can be blamed for this mess as well.  For some idiotic reason they passed on Crabtree and took Darrius Heyward-Bey which allowed Crabtree to fall to #10.  That was not supposed to happen and the football betting carryover effect trickled down to other teams. 

Football betting tells us that the Lions took Matthew Stafford first while the Rams took Jason Smith second, the Chiefs took Tyson Jackson third as football odds numbers indicated, the Seahawks took Aaron Curry fourth, the Jets took Mark Sanchez fifth as football betting info showed, the Bengals took Andre Smith sixth, the Raiders took Heyward-Bey seventh, the Jaguars took Eugene Monroe eight, the Packers took B.J. Raji ninth and then the 49ers took Crabtree. 

Only four of the 32 first round picks have signed as football betting has it; Stafford, Sanchez, Alex Mack at No. 21 and Ziggy Hood at No. 32.  Football betting has many of the players are waiting to see what happens with Crabtree since contracts are usually slotted by draft pick.

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