Football Betting Bankrolls

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting bankrolls are sometimes more difficult to manage than you might think.

There is no more important skill in all of gambling than money management and if you want to win when you bet football you must be a master of managing your bankroll.

Football betting money management begins with defining exactly what your gambling bankroll is. Ultimately a football betting bankroll should consist of money that is left over after all of your day-to-day living expenses are accounted for. Ideally a football betting bankroll would be large enough to last for an entire season. If not, try and have a bankroll that will last for a month. At the very least, try and have a bankroll for a week. A day-to-day bankroll is no bankroll at all when you bet football.

The next step is to define goals for how much money that you want to try and win each day, week, and month in football betting. This will help guide and discipline you and will help prevent carelessness and also chasing losses as you bet football. Just as you need to have goals for what you want to win when you bet football you should also have limits for losing that you will not exceed. This will prevent you from going on tilt and ruining yourself during bad stretches in football betting. Ultimately, loss limits will preserve your football betting bankroll so that you will still be around when the tide turns.

It is an absolute must to evaluate all risk that you are considering exposing your football betting bankroll to. Some risk is simply not worth it, such as trying to nail a ten-team parlay or a huge futures wager. You may as well play the lottery. Good risk is where there is a likely return on your football betting bankroll, where you have a better than fifty-fifty chance of success.

Along the same lines of risk evaluation is the ability to evaluate reward potential. Picking and choosing your spots is always important in football betting. If you can’t maintain control of your football betting bankroll you have no chance of winning money on a long-term basis.

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