Football Betting and Fantasy Football

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Because so many football betting fans also play fantasy football, it is necessary to consider what impact fantasy football can have on one’s NFL betting.

Football betting and fantasy football go hand in hand for many NFL betting enthusiasts. It should come as no surprise that football betting and fantasy football appeal to the same individuals, as they are both forms of entertainment that make NFL action even more exciting. However, there are some important differences between football betting and fantasy football that gamblers should keep in mind when handicapping the NFL betting lines.

Football betting and fantasy football both involve making predictions about what will occur during a specific football match up. However, football betting generally involves making predictions about a team, such as regarding whether it will win or lose, how many points it will win or lose by, and how many total points will be scored. On the other hand, fantasy football focuses primarily on individual players and their personal accomplishments during a game. For instance, fantasy football players may be interested in how many touchdowns a certain running back scores, but are indifferent to the touchdowns scored by the running back’s teammates, which are equally important for those participating in NFL betting. Therefore, a fantasy player may be happy because his chosen running back performed well, while a football betting fan is angry because the running back’s team lost. As a result, football betting and fantasy football are actually more different than some people realize.

Because so many NFL betting fans also play fantasy football, it is necessary to consider what impact fantasy football can have on one’s football betting. Fantasy football may inspire NFL fans to pay greater attention to the NFL news and to follow developments in the league more closely than they normally would. Any acquired knowledge is naturally beneficial to football betting so this feature of fantasy football is quite positive. However, the focus on individual performers in fantasy football may skew some gamblers’ evaluations of the football betting lines. NFL betting analysts know that football is a team sport and it takes much more than just one star player to lead a team to victory. Consequently, fantasy football players run the risk of focusing too heavily on individual players when handicapping the football betting odds. Furthermore, sometimes there may be value in choosing a specific player for fantasy football and not choosing his team for football betting, or vice versa, so football betting fans must be careful to separate the two activities and not let one influence the other.

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