Football Betting Advantages

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Take every advantage you can get in football betting. There are numerous ways to increase your NFL betting online advantage.

Football betting advantages can range from getting the extra half point on a game to getting a bonus. If you want to win at football betting you need every advantage you can possibly get. Sometimes the difference in winning or losing is just a point here or there in NFL betting online action. Increasing your football betting advantage is something that can be done without even looking at your handicapping.

Football betting gamblers that are serious probably have more than one online sportsbook account. If you happen to have only one sportsbook account you will have no choice but to either accept the football betting line they display, or not play the game at all. If you have more than one sportsbook to choose from you can compare the football betting lines and wager with the one that offers you the best chance to win. That could mean an extra half point here or there and you will be amazed how often those extra half points come into play in NFL betting online action.

It has been said by experts that you can increase your win percentage by as much as 3 or 4 percent just by getting the best football betting line on the games that you play at online sportsbooks. It is so important to get that extra half point or full point because it helps your football betting bottom line. You turn losses into pushes, pushes into wins, and sometimes it will turn a loss into a win. That is how important getting the best football betting line can be and what a huge advantage it is.

There are a couple of other things to consider that will help increase your NFL betting online advantage. It could be that you lay -105 instead of -110 on a game or you might get a great depositing bonus. This is money for you. Every advantage offered by the sportsbook helps your football betting bottom line in terms of money.

Sometimes it can be as simple as getting a better number on a game, while other times it will include reduced vigorish on a bet or it could be getting bonuses.

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