Flexible Scheduling Begins NFL Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting odds continue to be interesting each week, especially with the televised games.

The games on television have pretty much been determined but the NFL allows "flexible scheduling" beginning next week. That doesn’t impact NFL lines but it can impact which games are the most popular.

NFL betting odds next week have the Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears in NBC’s Sunday night game and that is not going to change.   NBC felt that the interest in the game would be high enough so that is going to stay the same.  In Weeks 11 through 17 of NFL betting odds the league will change the schedule.  The NFL announces the starting time for games about 12 days in advance.  For the final NFL betting odds week the NFL waits until six days before the games.

With Week #12 in NFL betting odds you can rest assured that NBC will stick with Pittsburgh and Baltimore in their Sunday night game. There will probably be a late afternoon game moved from the morning though since neither of the late two games in NFL lines have any appeal.

Week #13 in NFL betting odds have Miami and New England in the Sunday night NBC slot and that could change.  Week #14 has the NBC Sunday night game in NFL betting odds being the Eagles and Giants so that is unlikely to change.  Week #15 could also be a change for NBC since it is Minnesota at Carolina.  Green Bay at Pittsburgh would be a likely game to move to that Sunday night NFL betting odds slot.

Week #16 could also see a change since Washington is terrible. They play Dallas that week and that matchup is not appealing to NBC.  Baltimore at Pittsburgh in NFL betting odds would be a likely game to move into that slot.  There is no NBC Sunday night game in Week #17 of NFL lines but there could be some time changes for the late games depending upon which games have playoff implications.

It is always interesting to note the scheduling late in the season as it applies to NFL betting odds. Networks always want the best games and so do sportsbooks. Keep and eye on the schedule late in the season as it applies to NFL lines. It should be interesting to watch as the NFL betting odds season winds down.

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