Five Tips to Bet on Football

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on football tips are nearly endless among gamblers. There are, however, specific tips that can be helpful in NFL betting.

Let’s take a look at five tips that can help you win money as you bet on football. Bet on football tips have to begin with discipline. When you bet on football you must have discipline if you expect to make money. That means you will not bet on every game, halftime, prop or throw out numerous parlays in college or NFL betting. Discipline means that you will have a plan of attack when you bet on football. You will be organized and prepared and will not deviate and fall into the trap of needing constant action as you bet on football.

The second tip to consider as you bet on football is being selective. This means that you will not play every game. Nobody ever made money when they bet on football by playing a laundry list of games. Selectivity means that a gambler will not bet on every game and even skip many of the Sunday or Monday night feature games in NFL betting. He will temper his lust for “action” with demands for only premium and high percentage plays in NFL betting.

The third tip is to be realistic as you bet on football. If you think that betting football is going to lead to that you may as well buy a lottery ticket instead. “Power Ball” mentalities with those who bet on football will do nothing but lead them to bankruptcy and frustration. You must realize that football betting is a grind and a marathon rather than a sprint and a lifetime career challenge rather than a get rich quick scheme.

The fourth tip is to eliminate emotion in your betting. Being emotionless is difficult but it also means that you will be able to temper yourself in both victory and defeat. Many gamblers can not handle victory or defeat and get emotional and overreact. You must not be emotional.

The fifth tip to consider as you bet on football is long range vision. This means that you will go with the flow and understand that there will be bad beats and tough breaks. You will not overreact and change course or lose control just because you had a bad week or a bad game. The NFL season is a long one and you must look at it with a long term outlook.

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