Five NFL Football Betting Tips

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting tips for NFL wagering begin with the basics. Here are five important tips for making football bets.

Football betting winners in the NFL don’t come by accident. Gamblers that win making football bets do things the right way. Let’s look at five NFL football betting tips that can help you win more money this season.

1 – Bankroll. There is no more important component to an NFL football betting portfolio than the ability to manage a gambling bankroll. Forget expertise on football itself, or even the ability to pick winners. The guy that can manage a football betting bankroll will always be in the game when he makes football bets.

2 – Value. A value oriented methodology means that a gambler will never make football bets unless he has the odds in his favor. This means he will never take less than added-value when betting. Equal value is not even acceptable, as it does not overcome the ten-percent house edge. Only added value gets a gambler some of what he forfeits in vig.

3 – Less is more in NFL football betting. This means that a gambler must be highly choosy and selective and not “play the field.” As they say in Texas Hold’em Poker, “the less hands that you play, the better that you are going to do.” Selective at NFL football betting means that you will only play the very best plays.

4 – Level Head. A level head is mandatory in NFL football betting due to the very nature of the game. There is such a razor thin margin between success and failure at NFL football betting and you will suffer losses and bad beats regardless of how good you are. It’s ultimately your ability to get through the tough losses that will separate you from the majority that chases losses and goes on tilt playing low percentage games for big amounts.

5 – Long range vision. Vision is based on where you want to be at the end of the NFL football betting season, not where you want to be at the end of the game that you currently have money on. A long range vision will keep you in check and help discipline you in both good times and bad. A week-to-week vision is for losers who “wing it” and whose concept of long range vision is looking over Monday’s game on Sunday as they prepare for football betting.

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