First Touchdown Superbowl Props

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl props are always interesting and exciting. That should be the case again with Super Bowl XLIII as the Arizona Cardinals play the Pittsburgh Steelers.

One of the most exciting Superbowl props is the one on which player will score the first touchdown of the game.  Let’s look at the Super Bowl odds for this prop bet.

Superbowl props show that the two favorites to score the first touchdown in Super Bowl XLIII are Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh running back Willie Parker.   Both of these players are about 5-1 in Super Bowl odds. Pittsburgh wide receiver Hines Ward is next at about 7-1 in Super Bowl odds.  His receiving partner Santonio Holmes is not far behind at 8-1 in Superbowl props odds.  Tight end Heath Miller is also a popular choice at Superbowl props odds of about 9-1.

Since most people believe Pittsburgh will score first their players dominate most of the lower odds other than Fitzgerald.  After the Pittsburgh players we start to see a few Arizona players in Superbowl props odds.  Anquan Boldin is about 10-1; Edgerrin James and Tim Hightower are 12-1 while Steve Breaston is 15-1. Pittsburgh’s Nate Washington is also about 15-1 in Superbowl props odds.  Pittsburgh running back Gary Russell is 16-1 in Super Bowl odds.  Arizona’s Jerheme Urban is about 18-1 as is J.J. Arrington.  Arizona’s Leonard Pope is 20-1 and so is Pittsburgh running back Mewelde Morre.  Pittsburgh receiver Limas Sweed is 25-1 in Superbowl props odds.

Both quarterbacks are on the board in Superbowl props odds although neither does much running.  Ben Roethlisberger is 20-1 in Superbowl props odds while Kurt Warner is 25-1.

If you believe a defensive player or special team’s player will score the first touchdown then you can take the field at about 6-1 in Superbowl props odds.  What hurts this bet a little bit is the fact that Santonio Holmes returns punts for Pittsburgh so he would not be part of the field. You also have the choice to bet on No TD being scored in the game at odds of about 50-1.  You should know though that never has that occurred in Super Bowl history.

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