First Half in NFL Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines first half wagers has gained popularity in NFL betting lines during recent seasons with the continued growth of overall NFL wagering.

As we bet the first half in NFL betting lines it is similar to betting the entire game but it does have some differences.

Let’s look at an NFL halftime betting example to illustrate some differences. Let’s say that Chicago was at Green Bay, the Bears were a 3 point road favorite with a total of 41 on the football betting line. The NFL betting lines for the first half line would be something like Chicago -1.5 with a total of 20. Usually you will see the first half total shaded toward the under in NFL lines since teams usually score more points in the 2nd half of NFL games.

Sometimes NFL gambling players don’t pay enough attention to first half wagering and leave it out of their overall NFL betting lines scheme. As you look at football betting in the first half you want teams that start strong. Certain coaches have their teams well prepared and focused to start the game while others do not. When betting NFL action in the first half we don’t want to forget about the total in NFL betting lines. The same handicapping principles that we used for the side also apply to the football betting total. Some teams start out slow and that can present us an opportunity to bet the first half under in NFL betting lines. The reverse can be true if some teams come out strong. When looking at NFL betting lines with first half totals we want to keep in mind that usually the totals in the first half are lower than the 2nd half and the number is adjusted accordingly.

As you look to bet first halves in NFL betting lines you don’t want to forget your basic NFL handicapping principles. If you are betting a team for the first half you probably want to bet them for the full game as well. For example, let’s say you took Miami -3 in the first half when they hosted Cleveland. You also took them at -6 for the game. If you won you first half bet you have an additional option of hedging on the full game bet. You are already a winner on the first half bet so you can hedge out of the full game bet and guarantee yourself money out of the NFL betting lines. You may also have the opportunity for a middle which is even better.

As you look at first half NFL betting lines keep some of these things in mind. Don’t forget that the more chances you have for profit the better off you will be and first half football betting is one of those options.

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