First Half and Halftime Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting on the first half can be a great way to bet football. You find wagering angles that may be lethargic in the first half.

Football betting can be done not only on the full game but on first half and second halves. First half wagering is a relatively new way to participate in NFL football betting while halftimes have been a popular way to bet football for many years.

You can consider a first half NFL football betting angle such as the superior team in a mismatch that may rest their regular starters in the second half, where they would potentially let the other team through the “back door” on the regular full game football betting pointspread.

Second half NFL football betting, commonly referred to as “halftime betting” is more popular and has a longer history with gamblers. Halftime football betting began as an option at Las Vegas sportsbooks on select television games but now is a regular feature on all games at sportsbooks around the world. The sportsbooks offer pointspread sides, over/under totals, and in many cases a money line as well for first half and halftime NFL football betting. Keep in mind that halftime football betting only pertains to the second half, with the first half having no relevance at all to the wager as you bet football.

One of the most popular angles amongst professionals and sharps is to bargain hunt with the football betting halftime lines. For example, let’s say that New England was an 11-point favorite at home over Buffalo and yet led just 7-6 at halftime, and the halftime line read New England -7.5. This means that if New England won the second half score by 8 points or more, they would win the halftime bet. Let’s say New England did just that, as the game ended with a 23-14 New England victory, which meant a 16-8 New England score edge in the second half. The guys that bet the Patriots for the entire game lost, remember, with that eleven point spread but the bargain hunters at halftime got, in essence, a 2.5 point break from the original price by coming in at the second half. This is just one example of why halftime football betting is a popular way to bet football.

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