Favre Sets July 30th Deadline

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Brett Favre said on Wednesday that he will give the Minnesota Vikings an answer on whether he is coming back before they start training game on July 30th.

 “There’s two weeks left, and I’m doing everything I can,” Favre said. “I was down here Sunday morning working out. I’m trying to get everything to where I feel 100 percent when I go in. I can’t go in any less. When you’re 39 years old, it’s hard enough. But it’s getting there.”

Favre has said that if his arm does not feel good enough then he will not be coming back. “I don’t think Minnesota would even consider it if I didn’t have it,” Favre said, "Second of all, I wouldn’t even think about it if I didn’t have it. Now, having it here and having in on the field on Sundays is two different things, I know that for a fact. I know what it takes to play on Sunday and I still believe I have that."

The surgery Favre had to repair a biceps tendon in his right arm went well as football betting information shows, but he is still not sure he has enough strength to withstand a full NFL season. "I felt like going to New York last year that I still had it," Favre said. "I didn’t know my arm was hurt at the time. So that’s what I try to get across to people. I had that fixed; the surgery to fix that, so I’m trying to make sure that if I go back that part is completely resolved."

Favre really wants his arm at full strength before committing to Minnesota. "If you’re throwing and it’s a little off and you have a little pain, it’s a little bit understandable. If there’s no pain and there’s no excuse, that’s where you’ve got a problem.” Favre said.

The Vikings have already made plans anticipating Favre’s return and football betting oddsmakers like Minnesota’s chances as they are now one of the contenders in Super Bowl football odds at the sports book. The Vikings don’t have a proven quarterback to go to this season if Favre does not sign with them. Football betting information tells us that the job would go to either Sage Rosenfels or Tarvaris Jackson and neither of them has proven they are capable of leading a team.

If Favre does return the Vikings would be an interesting team to watch in football betting at the sportsbook this season. While that decision has not been made yet, the signs in football odds are positive.

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