Favre Close to Coming Back

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

According to orthopedic surgeon James Andrews, who is probably the most famous doctor who treats sports stars, quarterback Brett Favre wants to come back and play for the Minnesota Vikings.

Andrews also said that Favre wants to play well to end his career and go out with success. The Vikings have been getting some play on the football betting futures board as they have been dropping from 15-1 to 12-1.

All of the signs point to Favre coming back with the Vikings. "I’m not supposed to say anything but Brett kind of let that cat out of the bag on that HBO show," Andrews said. "I did his shoulder (arthroscopic) a few weeks ago. I visited him in Hattiesburg two weeks ago. He wants to play and he wants to play for the Minnesota Vikings. He wants to end his career on a high note and I hope he can. He’s a tough guy, a great guy. I’m pulling for him. He wants to play. He just wants to make sure his shoulder and arm are healthy enough."

Last season Favre played for the New York Jets after spending every year since 1992 with the Green Bay Packers. Now it appears that Favre will join the Minnesota Vikings and play against his old team. The only question remaining is whether or not Favre’s surgically repaired right biceps is healthy enough.

It has been reported that the Vikings and Favre already have a contract in place and that the only hold up is Favre’s health. Football betting information tells us that Favre is even looking for a residence in the Twin Cities area. Football betting insiders have Favre looking at an area in Edina.

The evidence that Favre is returning to the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings continues to mount and it may not be long before an official announcement is made. When that happens it is very possible that the football odds at the online sportsbook on the Vikings winning the Super Bowl will drop yet again. Last season when Favre joined the Jets there were many people that took the Jets to win the Super Bowl but New York collapsed down the stretch, mainly due to Favre’s poor play and they missed the playoffs.

This season there will be football betting gamblers who look at the Minnesota Vikings in football odds at the sports book and bet in the Vikings simply because Favre is on the team. They may want to take a lesson from last year when people did the same thing with the Jets and lost their money.

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