Favorites, Sleepers & Long Shot for the AFC Championship

November 25th, 2019 NFL Football

As in our previous preview of the NFC, this article will preview the favorites, sleepers and long shots in the AFC Title race. Yes, there is only another 4 weeks left in the 2015-16 NFL season, but to date the winner to be of this Division is not finalized. The usual partners are the Patriots of New England, the Broncos of Denver and the Steelers of Pittsburgh appear at the moment to be the teams to make the playoffs, but how that all turns out, as well as the Week 14 outcomes could have a devastating effect on this preview. So if you Bet on NFL Football at SBG continue reading the review for the early odds!

To start with the first favorite for the AFC Title is the AFC-East 10-2 Patriots of New England and apart from their present injuries and the possibility of failing to get a bye in the 1st round which they accomplished back in the 2009 season. Still, the Patriots are said to be the team to beat according to the oddsmakers and experts. Yes, the 2014-15 NFL Champions are +200 on odds to win the AFC Title, and if QB T. Brady and TE R. Gronkowski are both in good health, then they will be tough to beat.

Another favorite is the AFC-West 10-2 Broncos of Denver who with back-up QB B. Osweiler who is undefeated as a starter winning the last game over the Chargers 17-3 which put them as the 2nd seed in their conference this past week. It still is unknown if the Broncos can continue winning with QB Osweiler, or will they bring back the injured and aging QB P. Manning once he recovers? The Broncos defense for the big part has kept the team in the playoff picture and got them the odds of +280 to win the AFC Title and with whoever is the QB.

The last favorite is the AFC-North 7-5 Steelers of Pittsburgh which is a team with a lot of weapons even lacking RB L Bell, and are still considered the offense that can explode in this conference, but that’s if QB B. Roethlisberger is at QB, and has remained even after a series of injuries this season, thus the Steelers odds are at +325 to win the AFC Title

The we have the Sleeper with the first being the AFC-North 10-2 Bengals of Cincinnati who presently are the 1st seed in their conference, but the odds are very high at +900 for them to win the AFC Title, which in this case indicates the lack of ability by QB A. Dalton to produce in the big games, even as he has had some comebacks in a few games to date.

Another Sleeper is the AFC-West 7-5 Chiefs of Kansas City who are with odds of +1,500 to win the AFC Title, but have won their last 6 consecutive games after they started their comeback with their win over the Raiders of Oakland 34-20. Their combination of a great rushing offense paired with a very stout defense make them tough to beat in a wild card round this season.

Then the Long Shot is the AFC-East 6-6 Bills of Buffalo a team that has remained in contention for a possible spot at wild-card after a win over the Texans of Houston 30-21. But remember the Bills are at +4,000 as a long shot to win the Title for the AFC, but they have some offensive weapons in QB T. Taylor, RB L. McCoy and WR S. Watkins, along with a strong defense, that just might give them the juice to make a surprise run for the AFC Title.

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