Online Football Betting: Favorites and Underdogs

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online football betting can involve any one of many possible wager types, one of the most popular of which is the money line.

Online American football betting on the money line simply involves selecting which team will win an online football betting matchup, regardless of the point spread. However, because there is no online American football betting spread, gamblers must lay different prices for favorites and underdogs, which naturally raises the issue of when to bet on money line favorites and when to bet on money line underdogs.

Online football betting on money line favorites is particularly attractive to many enthusiasts because one’s wager wins if the supposedly better team wins its match up, which is obviously quite common. Online football betting fans know that favored teams tend to win outright in most match ups, so betting money line favorites gives online football betting enthusiasts a bet with a high chance of winning. However, in order to take the money line favorite in an online American football betting matchup gamblers must pay a higher price. For example, online football betting on a money line favorite may involve risking $150, rather than $110, to win $100. Therefore, gamblers still must carefully handicap a matchup to determine the probability that a favorite will win. Online football betting on a money line favorite often makes the most sense when it seems highly likely that the favored team will win, but the online American football betting spread is so high that the team may struggle to cover the spread.

Even though favored teams have a high probability of winning their matchups, there is also much logic behind online football betting on underdogs on the money line in some situations. When you engage in online football betting on the underdog with the money line you must hope for the supposedly worse team to win a matchup outright. However, in exchange for taking such a risky wager, you receive very nice payoff odds. For instance, rather than risking $110 to win $100, you may be able to risk $100 to win $150. With such high payoff odds, the underdog can sometimes offer the best online football betting value at the money line even if you think the chances that the team will win are under 50%. As long as the payoff odds are high enough to warrant the risk, then money line dogs can provide a tremendous online football betting option.

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