Favorite or Dog in Superbowl Gambling

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl gambling can really be simply defined as betting the favorite or the underdog.

That is really what Superbowl gambling comes down to for most people. Sure, you do have the total and the money line and the propositions, but most people bet either the favorite or the dog in terms of Super Bowl odds.

Superbowl gambling for most people involves betting the favorite. The sports betting public has a definite affection for laying the points, regardless of what sport it is.  Why is it that most amateurs have such a strong desire to lay the points when it comes to Superbowl gambling?  Most bettors will convince themselves of anything in order to bet on the better team. That means laying the points.  Overall the public support for favorites far outweighs the support for dogs and that applies to Superbowl gambling perhaps more so than any other type of gambling. If you really think about it more than two thirds, maybe all the way up to three quarters of the public will always bet the favorite in sports gambling.  If so many people are betting the favorite then why is the betting line not moving a ton toward the favorite?  A lot of the time it is the professionals that bet the underdogs in Super Bowl odds.  If you ask any wise guy where the value usually is in Superbowl gambling they will say with the underdog.

Why is laying the points not the way to go in Superbowl gambling?  Well, sometimes it is.  The little secret about Superbowl gambling is that the favorite covers more than the dog.  This is not what happens during the regular season for the most part but history has shown the favorite is the better bet in Superbowl gambling. If the public likes the favorite that means the line is shaded that way but in Super Bowl odds it oftentimes doesn’t matter.  What can happen in Superbowl gambling if you like the underdog is that they also win the game.  That makes the money line attractive if you like the underdog in Superbowl gambling. Many times with Super Bowl odds people fail to consider the motivation factor of the pointspread. When one team is clearly better than the other, the point spread is indicative of that fact.

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