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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

If you want to be amongst the few, the proud, and the winners in NFL betting the first thing that you must master is reality.

If you possess a “Power Ball” mentality and plan on turning a $10 parlay into retirement at a beach house then don’t waste your time betting sports, buy Power Ball tickets.

To win at NFL betting you must realize that it is a long grind of incremental football betting successes and those three steps forward will often include two steps back. There is no getting around it not matter how much you know about NFL betting or how good you are at picking winners.

The first harsh dose of reality in NFL betting is that you must win .523-percent of your wagers just to break even against the house edge/vigorish on your typical side/total wagers. Then you must realize that to be amongst the elite and very best of football betting fans, you won’t win much more than 60-percent of the time. Most professional NFL betting fans hit between 56-percent to 59-percent with a select very few hitting at or a little above the coveted 60-percent mark on occasion, but not consistently.

In NFL football betting, you will often see ads of touts that claim to be hitting 70 or 80-percent which can only be charitably described as “fuzzy math” as it simply isn’t possible over the long haul for a pro football bettor to hit those types of numbers. When you see or hear such NFL betting claims from a tout advertisement or a smack-talking football betting fan simply ignore them for the fertilizer that they are and keep on plugging away with your plan.

Another way to embrace reality in NFL betting is to look at life itself. In reality, there are no shortcuts or get rich quick schemes. In fact, taking shortcuts in football betting nearly always leads to a LONGER path to travel in the long run, and that get rich quick schemes end up in bankruptcy. So why would NFL betting be any different. Those big payoffs by casinos on 10-team parlays are because few people ever win at them, nearly everyone loses, and it’s a sucker’s bet offered for those who believe in NFL betting miracles rather than reality.

The reality based NFL betting fan already has an edge against the vast majority of his fellow gamblers. By being realistic about earning potential the gambler will also hold himself in check with reality.

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