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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Betting football fans are every around the world. Las Vegas is the home of many bettors that are from California and simply because of that fact many of them bet on California teams like the Lakers, Dodgers, etc.

When you look at NFL betting odds a similar thing happens in that popular teams get more money than other teams. You will see more money when betting football on teams like New England, Dallas, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and other marquee teams.

Betting football for some gamblers does involve more than looking at popular teams. Many sharp NFL betting gamblers look at the football odds and laugh that so many people fall in love with marquee teams. The fans just don’t even see beyond the hype surrounding these teams. Sometimes these public teams will win, but many times they will not. The wise guys love all of this public fan support because it often gives them greater value and edges when betting football games.

The public is betting football games based on popularity while the professionals are very careful about playing the big name squads. Just because a team is a marquee team does not mean the wise guys won’t play them, but it does mean they will take more time to consider the team when betting football. Big name teams attract a lot of money and that will drive the NFL betting odds on the game up and that rarely presents good value. There are exceptions to this rule though, so take each individual game for its face value when betting football. Each game must be handicapped on its own merits when betting football.

The next time you are betting football be sure and remember that high profile teams like the Cowboys, Patriots, Steelers and others are going to attract a lot of money because of their popularity. Sometimes the NFL betting odds will reflect this fact and the odds will drift higher on the marquee teams. When this happens you want to stay away from playing the game when betting football because you are getting no value. It is when the odds don’t move much on the marquee games that you can consider them for one of your top plays for the week when betting football.

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