Experts Weigh In on Super Bowl XLIX Betting Odds

January 27, 2015 NFL Football

NFL logo painted on lines on football fieldWith Super Bowl XLIX less than a week away, the Vegas betting odds on the Super Bowl this week have been stable. Currently, the Patriots are listed by the sportsbooks as favorites at -1. The over/under is 47 ½ points, and -115 for the moneyline.

This year the reigning 2014 Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks will be seeking back-to-back Titles, and their hope are well and alive after their thrilling game and ending with their OT win over the Green Bay Packers in a game that could have been easily won by the Packers, but luck was not on their side that given day. Their main problem is that the New England Patriots are awaiting that same outcome, and prepared to spoil the Seattle party this year, because they are desperate to end their 10 year drought of no Super Bowl Title.

Since both the Seahawks and Patriots have winning traditions, this year should make it more difficult in selecting a winner for the wagering fans. Here, we help you out as we have reviewed some of the best minds for sports in this business so you can decide on who you would like to wager on one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

In reviewing the expert’s critiques they think the Seahawks will capture the XLIX Super Bowl Title in a matter of days now, even though they were fortunate to escape elimination with the OT win over the Packers. Primarily, as they are the defending Champions and have without a doubt the best defense in the NFL.

Experts from some avenues think the Seahawks will do the same thing with the Patriots QB Brady and they did with the Packers QB Rodgers, as they held QB Rodgers to just 178 yards and forced two costly interceptions. Having said that, a real lingering concern is that the Seattle CB Sherman still seems to be questionable as a defensive starter for this Super Bowl game, as his injury is with injured elbow ligaments that occurred in the playoff game with the Packers. He claims he will play, but that has not been confirmed, that he will be 100% ready to play this coming Sunday. His importance stems from the fact that he is a main cog in the Seattle defensive scheme, and he is needed to stop the high test offense of the Patriots in XLIX.

New England finished 2014 as 4th in the NFL with regular season scoring of 29.2 average points each game. Then in postseason play they excelled and averaged some 40 points each game for their 2 playoff games. In the last playoff game, the Pats beat the Colts with an incredible explosion of points, with a winning margin of 38 points, in what turned out to be a lopsided game with Indianapolis. Pats QB Brady was 23 of 35 passes for 3 touchdowns on 226 yards and with just 1 single interception in the game. Their RB Blount joined QB Brady in the scoring parade as he score 3 touchdowns as he carried the ball 30 times for 148 total offensive yards.

One factor that has been overlooked in the Super Bowl match-up is the fact that in postseason games the Patriots have been excellent on defense, and they in the postseason are No. 1 in scoring defense, and not the Seahawks. In their 2 postseason games they have only allowed 19.0 opponent points in each of those games, and in the Colts game they only allowed them to score 7 points.

The fans that bet on Super Bowl XLIX at an offshore sportsbook, need to watch for the final rulings regarding the unfortunate allegations that the game balls had been deflated in the Patriots game against the Colts. But, apart from that controversy, many experts are still picking the Patriots to win this Super Bowl XLIX.

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