Experts at Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds are talked about all over the place. You have sportsbooks, fantasy leagues, the Internet, sports talk radio, sports television, etc.

There have never been any more self appointed experts on NFL betting odds than there are now.  The facts are, however, that there are no secrets and very few experts at football odds.

Football odds are looked at by so many different people. Many fantasy football players who are involved in several pro football fantasy leagues believe they can also utilize their knowledge of players to become successful betting football odds.  These players bet NFL games because they are so convinced that because they know the skills of the players in their fantasy league that they can turn that into success against NFL betting odds.

Sports talk radio has become very popular, as have TV sports talk shows in which NFL action and football odds are a routine topic of discussion.  Many people fall into the trap of thinking that because they listen to sports talk radio all day that this makes them an expert at football odds.  What needs to be remembered is that if something is being discussed publicly, it is to be considered public knowledge and is not a secret on the football odds board. The football odds makers are fully aware of the information and will use it as part of their oddsmaker equation for the NFL betting odds.

The Internet and posting forums are other areas of brainwashing as anyone with an NFL betting opinion can act like he is an expert versus football odds.  Many gamblers that bet football odds players make the mistake of becoming consumed with themselves simply because they post a pick on a forum somewhere or in a chat room.

In this era of NFL betting odds in which a lot of information is available to anyone, the gambler that keeps to himself and thinks for himself has a much better chance at success. The more you start thinking you are an expert the less chance you have at really winning money versus football odds.

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