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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet football choices are more numerous in college betting than in NFL betting.

College football has a large number of teams and that means a lot of games each weekend as you bet football. There are a number of ways to bet football and we want to take a look at those today.

Bet football choices begin with pointspreads. A bettor can take either the favorite and lay the points or take the underdog with the plus points in college or NFL betting. For example, you might have Ohio State -21 against Minnesota. If you take the Buckeyes you are laying the 21 points and must win by more than that to cover. If you take the Gophers you must lose by less than 21 points to collect as you bet football.

Another common option in college and NFL betting is totals betting. To bet football totals a bettor would wager on whether or not the combined score in the game would go over or under the posted number. For example, in that Ohio State game the total might be 45. If you liked the game to be high scoring you would bet over the total of 45 points and conversely, if you liked the under you would bet under the 45 point total.

Another option in college and NFL betting is the money line. This takes the pointspread out of the equation as you bet football. This is where you lay money instead of points as you bet football. Keep in mind that in college football betting you usually only see money lines where the favorite is 14 points or less. Big money lines like the Ohio State example would have the favorite laying 3,000 or more just to win a $100 and most sportsbooks won’t put up that type of money line. If the pointspread is 14 points or less you will probably see an attached money line as you bet football. Let’s say Ohio State was playing Michigan and was a 7 point favorite. If you played the money line Ohio State might be -300 and Michigan +260. You risk $300 for every $100 you want to win on Ohio State as you bet football and all they need to do is win the game. You get $260 as a win for every $100 you bet on Michigan.

Those are the three main choices as you bet football. You also have other choices like halftimes, first half, futures, propositions etc, so take a look at the full board when you bet football this season.

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