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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is not just for the professional gambler. NFL football is a world-wide phenomenon and betting is a big reason why.

NFL betting determines a lot of bottom lines for sportsbooks around the world. It doesn’t matter whether it is sides, totals, or parlays, NFL betting rules the gambling world as people love to make football bets.

NFL betting is something that appeals to everyone from the average person on the street to the hard-core professional. There are many reasons that the NFL dominates the other sports. It is obvious that the most popular sport for fans around the world is the NFL. Two big reasons for that popularity are television and NFL betting. All NFL games are on TV and are a huge betting draw for people around the world. Remember that we said that NFL betting is more than just professional gamblers? The public is heavily involved in NFL betting. Wherever you go around the world you will hear people talking about the NFL, even if it is off-season. Television networks like ESPN and Fox have a ton of shows strictly devoted to NFL action and news. There is now an entire network (The NFL Network) that does nothing but carry NFL games, news, etc.

If you happen to visit Las Vegas on any Sunday during the NFL season you will see huge crowds at sportsbooks for people making football bets. Amazingly enough, this type of action doesn’t stop in Vegas. You can go to sports bars around the world and get the same type of crowds. And guess what? Most of them are making football bets. What drives the interest in NFL betting? Without question one of the big factors is name recognition. Whether it is fantasy football, or just familiarity, NFL teams are extremely well followed and star players are easy to identify. Quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Brett Favre, and others are well known stars. With other sports you don’t get the instant name recognition that the NFL provides. Other sports also don’t have the build up that the NFL has. Although there are games on Thursday and Sunday nights, NFL betting action is basically a once a week deal. You have to wait an entire week to make more NFL football bets and that only intensifies the cult following that NFL betting has.

People can say that baseball is America’s pastime, but in reality it is the NFL. It has been for many years now. There is also no doubt that NFL betting is a large part of the reason.

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