Everyone Loves NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting is the most popular type of sports betting. Fans love the NFL and bettors can’t get enough of NFL action.

NFL betting involves sides, totals, parlays, teasers, money lines and propositions for football betting players that watch NFL games.

There is no doubt that football betting players and sportsbooks around the world anticipate the NFL betting season far more than any other sports betting season. People around the world have made NFL betting extremely popular. Why is NFL betting so popular with bettors around the world? What makes the NFL so popular with fans that it dwarfs all other sports in terms of attention and interest?

A major reason NFL betting is more popular than all other sports betting is the public factor. The public loves to bet the NFL far more than any other sport. Another big reason the NFL is so popular is TV. The NFL also doesn’t have games every single day of the week which means you have the anticipation factor. Sports like baseball, basketball and hockey have games every day. You have to wait for NFL betting lines. Another reason that NFL football is so popular for bettors is Fantasy Football leagues. People around the world are involved in leagues and that interest translates into football betting. Every single week of the NFL betting season people are talking about players, matchups, spreads, etc. In fact, people are talking about the NFL in the off-season as well. NFL talk really never ends. Two other factors that really help NFL betting are superstars and parity. Star quarterbacks, running back and wide receivers are well known in the NFL. You know the name of many NFL players and identify easily with them in football betting. The other reason NFL betting is so popular is the parity factor. The NFL is a salary cap league where each team has a realistic chance of winning although the Detroit Lions might be the exception to that rule. If every team has a chance, bettors and fans in each city will think they can win and flock to the games and get involved in football betting in record numbers. This is good news for the NFL and for NFL betting players.

People get involved in NFL betting over all other forms of sports betting. Nothing compares to a Sunday of NFL action for bettors around the world. The TV, superstar players, and parity factors all make NFL betting something that is exciting and easy to follow, and that is why the NFL is King when it comes to sports betting.

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