Early Season Football Wagering

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football wagering during the early part of the season is a testing ground for gamblers to get a feel for the teams.

Some gamblers that get involved in college and NFL football wagering will be cautious during the early part of the season while other gamblers are aggressive. Which of these approaches in football wagering works the best?

Football wagering in the first month is dangerous because you are not sure what will happen in the games. On the other hand, the early part of the college football wagering season can present great opportunities for bettors because it is a rare time when the bettors are on even ground with the online sportsbooks. Early in the season the football wagering lines are based a great deal on last year’s information. Oddsmakers just don’t have anything else to go on. There is no preseason in college football and the preseason in the NFL doesn’t show anything. Football wagering odds are made based on last year’s results, returning starters in college football, and very little else other than opinions. You as a football wagering bettor have just as much information as the sportsbook. Very often you can get a handle on how the teams are coming along by reading the local newspapers, websites, etc. That little edge can prove valuable in the early part of the football season when football wagering lines are weak.

The early part of the football wagering season can give gamblers a chance to bet weak college and NFL football wagering lines. Some football wagering bettors prefer to wait but some like to play right away. In the first couple of games be sure and look for teams that have a high number of returning starters taking on a team with very few if you are betting college football. When it comes to college football wagering, remember that there is no preseason in college football. New players have to work out the kinks the first couple of weeks. That is why many teams play non-conference openers. They need to get the problems solved before conference play begins.

Remember in the early part of the season to look more at information than at past power ratings for college and NFL football wagering. The information about how teams are doing is much more valuable early in the season. Keep this in mind as you look at early season college and NFL football wagering.

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