Early Season Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds during the early part of the season are full of land mines since neither the bettor now the football odds maker has much of an idea of the strength of the teams.

Many handicappers treat the early part of the football season as a testing ground to see which teams will be moneymakers for them throughout the season, and therefore, tread lightly. A few handicappers though, attack the early part of the football season as they see weakness in the college football odds and the NFL odds.

Football odds in the early season are very unpredictable. Many people like to see how the off-season has treated a team before jumping in with both feet and betting on them. They want to see how the returning starters mesh with the newcomers in college football and get a feel for how the team will play. Other gamblers that look at football odds will see the early part of the season as a great opportunity because it is a rare time when the bettors are on even footing with the books. Early in the season the football odds are based a great deal on last year’s information. Linemakers and sportsbooks just don’t have anything else to go on. There is no preseason in college football and NFL odds in the exhibition games mean nothing. Football odds are made based on last year’s results, returning starters, and very little else. You as a bettor have just as much information as the football odds maker. You could have more. Very often you can get a handle on how the teams are coming along by reading the local newspapers, websites, etc. That little edge can prove valuable in the early part of the football season when football odds are weak.

The early part of the football season can give you a good chance to hit weak football odds. Also remember that the football odds maker will adjust quickly early in the season. The first few weeks are full of unpredictable results but the football odds maker won’t take long to adjust. You must do the same as you bet college and NFL football odds. Remember in the early part of the season to look more at information than at power ratings. The information about how teams are doing is oftentimes more important in early college and NFL odds than the stats.

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