Super Bowl Betting Line options

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Super Bowl betting line options are the most popular of sports betting odds all year long.

In addition to the regular point spread there are also hundreds of propositions for the Super Bowl. The props start with which team will win the coin toss and continue from there.

Super Bowl betting line wagering should not be done the same as regular season NFL wagering.  When considering who to bet on the Super Bowl you have to take into account that the game is not like a regular season game.  The public can easily get lucky and win just one game, so don’t automatically discount where all the money is going with the Super Bowl betting line.  On a typical regular season Sunday you can go against public money with regular success but you may not be able to do that with the Super Bowl.  It is only one game and anything can happen with the Super Bowl betting line.  People have to bet it, so everyone and their brother will be wagering on the Super Bowl betting line.  This creates more of a huge event than a good betting proposition.  With so much hype and media coverage it gets very difficult to find value on the Super Bowl betting line.  Many professional gamblers have turned to the proposition bets on the Super Bowl betting line as they look for value. 

A couple of options that are sometimes ignored on the Super Bowl betting line are parlays and teasers.  Now you may be thinking that a parlay is nothing special and how can you even play a teaser but think again.  You can parlay the side and the total for a nice two teamer and you can get really creative with a Super Bowl betting line teaser wager.  You could actually tease both sides and both totals for a four teamer if you thought the game was going to end close to the Super Bowl betting line.

Everyone looks at the Super Bowl betting line and that is really a great thing, but you don’t necessarily want to be betting hand over fist on a game you don’t have a strong opinion on.  Look at some of the various propositions and consider adding them to your Super Bowl betting menu.  They will probably give you more action, more value, and lead you to the winners circle more often.

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