Divisional Rematches as you Bet on Football

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

A bet on football frequently involves online football betting on a divisional match up because every team plays each of its three divisional rivals twice during the regular season.

When you bet on football on these online football betting match ups you have the advantage of having seen the teams play against one another numerous times in the recent future, particularly if the game is a rematch of a previous match up from earlier in the year. In these rematches it can be tempting to bet on football assuming that the second match will be played similar to the first, but to bet on football in this manner can often be very ineffective.

To bet on football successfully one should always look for the most relevant information available. When teams are playing in a divisional rematch, the result of the teams’ previous online football betting match up is obviously the most relevant information that can be used to bet on football. Consequently, when many gamblers handicap this online football betting match ups they often look almost exclusively at the teams’ previous match up. Such gamblers bet on football assuming that the coaches will employ the same strategies and each offense will have the same success against its opposing defense that it had in the prior match up.

However, to bet on football in this way involves making numerous assumptions about the different teams that are probably untrue. Anyone who has bet on football for many seasons knows that teams evolve dramatically throughout a season. Drastic changes can obviously result from injuries, but important changes can also occur more gradually throughout the season. For example, offensive or defensive units that performed horribly at the beginning of a season may get together and end up playing very well toward the end of the season. Consequently, if you bet on football divisional rematches assuming none of these changes have occurred then you will be ignoring the realities of the league. Furthermore, each coach will undoubtedly consider the strategies used by the opposing team in the previous match up and scheme against such strategies in the rematch. Therefore, you should not bet on football assuming the same strategies will be used successfully in a rematch. Additionally, the two games played by division rivals will be played in different stadiums, so the team that enjoyed home field advantage in the first game will be on the road for the second match up. As a result, you must alter how you bet on football simply to accommodate the change in home field advantage.

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