Developing a Football Betting Method

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Instead of being an expert on pro football betting itself you will be an expert on NFL betting online.

Football betting methods are oftentimes developed with very little original thinking. You can actually do your NFL betting online and develop a method that is better than what most people come up with. Let’s look at how to develop a football betting method.

Football betting method development begins with understanding that you can’t do what everyone else is doing and win money. You must start out with a “sportsbook outlook” if you want to win at football betting. Once you start thinking like a sportsbook rather than an “NFL expert,” (of which there are many), you will develop the proper mindset to beat the football betting odds. Understand more of how the lines are made than the statistics on every player in the NFL. Look at the pointspread statistics instead of the individual player stats.

You must be different from the rest of the crowd with your NFL betting online. The problem that so many football betting gamblers fail to understand is that while they very well may be experts at pro football itself, they have no comprehension on how that applies to NFL betting online. It’s no different than being book smart and street dumb.

Good guides and checkpoints towards developing your methodology, after developing your “sportsbook outlook” include never participating in football betting overlays, never taking poor teams against good teams, never overreacting to what happened in the previous week, and being big picture oriented in your football betting.

The sportsbooks already have a significant 10% edge with the “vig/juice” so making an overlay is simply surrendering even more ground that you cannot afford to give up in football betting. Sportsbooks offer no charity so you shouldn’t either by making an overlay in football betting. You really don’t want to take poor teams very often and you don’t want to overreact to anything in football betting. You also need to remember when you are involved in football betting that you are not involved in a sprint but a marathon.

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