Detroit Lions Could Become Serious Playoff Contenders

October 2nd, 2019 NFL Football

The NFL season for the Detroit Lions has been full of surprises, some were anticipated, others were completely unexpected. Not many fans expected to see Tony Romo willingly give up the starting position to Dak Prescott, but seeing both Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot find this much success in their rookie years isn’t unfathomable. But what is hard to swallow is the fact that the Detroit Lions are leading the NFC North.

The way the Minnesota Vikings started the NFL season made them seem like they were destined to repeat in the North. At the same time, the NFL gambling lines predicted that the Green Bay Packers were destined to win the division in 2016. But as the season reached its halfway point the scales began to tip in the favor of the underdog. With a win over the Vikings two weeks ago, the Lions assured that they would rise to the top of division amidst the ongoing struggles of both the Packers and the Vikings.

The Vikings have lost 4 games in a row, while Green Bay has lost 3 consecutive contests. This past weekend the Lions enjoyed their Bye Week and enjoyed their rise to the top of the division even more. Filled with both confidence and rest, what kind of odds are the pro football betting lines giving Detroit in their next contest?

NFL Odds – Week 11 – Sunday, November 20th 

Jacksonville Jaguars +6½ (-115) 47 (-110) +230
Detroit Lions -6½ (-105) 47 (-110) -290

Since the Jaguars are last in the AFC South, it comes as no surprise to see the NFL gambling lines heavily favor the Lions in Sunday’s contest. Seeing the Lions at the top of their division is definitely a bombshell, but it’s no surprise seeing Jacksonville at the bottom of theirs. In 2015 the Jaguars finished at 5-11 and it marked the third straight year that Gus Bradley led his team to a below .500 record.

Bradley is starting to run at of time in Jacksonville. Considering that there’re only 9 games left in the season, it’s more than likely that the Jaguars will once again finish with a losing record. Due to the consistently poor performance that the Jaguars deliver, Jacksonville doesn’t have the largest fan base. But that fan base, regardless of how small it is, will soon enough have to welcome a new head coach.

If the Lions can win this Sunday against the Jags, NFL gambling lines will have to start taking Detroit’s playoff chances seriously. Against Jacksonville, the odds are heavily favoring the Lions. But since the Jaguars have only won two games this season, that sentiment isn’t doing much to validate Detroit’s playoff chances. If the Packers and Vikings continue their losing streak, Detroit will be a shoo-in for the playoffs.

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