Detroit Lions at Buffalo Bills NFL Bet

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL bet odds on Thursday have the Buffalo Bills favored at home against the Detroit Lions.

It is the final preseason game for both teams but it is important one for each for different NFL betting reasons. NFL bet information tells us that Detroit is still trying to build a winning attitude and even preseason wins help. Head coach Jim Schwartz said as much about last week’s win against Indianapolis. “(There were) some good things out there,” he said. “A couple things (were) disappointing, but (there were) some good things and it’s always good to be on the winning side of the game – preseason or regular season.” Schwartz said.

The Lions are trying to get some offensive chemistry with quarterbacks Matthew Stafford and Daunte Culpepper throwing to wide receiver Calvin Johnson, wide receiver Bryant Johnson and rookie tight end Brandon Pettigrew. Normally starters don’t play much in the final NFL bet game of the preseason for each team but that might not be the case Thursday. Detroit still wants to get their starters some work and continue working on things as NFL bet indicates. Detroit has gotten good play out of all three of their quarterbacks this NFL bet preseason. Stafford, Culpepper and Drew Stanton have all had their NFL bet moments.

The Bills may also play their starters longer than normal in this NFL bet matchup. Usually starters just get a token appearance in the final NFL betting preseason game but Buffalo’s offense has been terrible in the preseason and Terrell Owens hasn’t played since the Hall of Fame game. NFL bet info tells us that head coach Dick Jauron is concerned. “Yeah, oh definitely,” said Jauron. “I don’t think you every stop worrying. Yeah we’re definitely worried. We’ve got to make a lot of improvement and we don’t have a lot of time to do it.” Quarterback Trent Edwards said the same thing. “There is area for concern and there’s plenty of things we need to fix here pretty quickly, but I feel we have a good group of guys,” said Edwards. “Guys that want to go in the right direction and that’s the bottom line.”

NFL bet stats tell us that the first team offense for the Bills in the NFL betting preseason has had 15 possessions not counting an end of the half quick possession and they have a total of one field goal with five turnovers and nine punts. That is a huge NFL bet concern for the Bills. NFL betting stats tell us that Edwards is 26-38 passing for 189 yards and three interceptions in the NFL bet preseason.

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