Pro Football Gambling on Defenses May Give up Big Plays

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Pro football gambling analysts often focus their attention on teams’ offenses, but assessing defenses is just as important for football gambling online.

Teams with lousy defenses tend to provide poor pro football gambling value and teams with defenses that give up lots of big plays can prove worthless when you are football gambling online. When defenses surrender numerous big plays it ends up hurting the team’s overall pro football gambling value in many ways.

Pro football gambling on teams that give up big plays can be an especially frustrating form of football gambling online because it’s painful to watch the your team’s defense get run over. Not surprisingly, similar frustrations are felt by a team’s offense, which becomes discouraged by having to make up for their teammates’ shortcomings. When defenses give up big plays it can demoralize the whole team. Such an impact is very significant, as veterans of football gambling online know that demoralized teams often provide lousy pro football gambling value. A bad defense also hurts its offense because defenses can allow their teams to fall behind early, which creates a huge hole that the offense must crawl out of. When an offense has to overcome a deficit it is forced to forego its normal rhythm and focus on passing. While this focus works occasionally, it makes the offense very predictable, which, once again, leads to horrible pro football gambling value.

Pro football gambling analysts can use their knowledge about defenses that give up big plays to benefit the gamblers’ football gambling online. Determining which defenses to focus on is quite easy, as pro football gambling fans simply need to look at the basic statistics regarding each defense, such as how many plays of over 20 yards it gives up per game. Once you know a defense is prone to giving up big plays, you know that you should consider the pro football gambling totals when examining the board. Such a team’s total will obviously be set quite high in the pro football gambling odds, so it may not be a wise bet in every matchup. But if the defense will be facing a particularly strong offense with an effective aerial attack then you can be pretty confident that lots of points are going to be put on the board. In this case, taking the over will likely provide quite good pro football gambling value.

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