Defense Matters in Superbowl Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Superbowl lines really showcase the offense far more than the defense.

The Super Bowl odds will have one of the highest betting totals of the entire season.  The public loves to bet the favorite and the over in the Super Bowl and that fact is reflected in Superbowl lines.

Superbowl lines may emphasize the offense but it is usually the defense that wins the game.  One constant that has held true in Superbowl lines throughout history is that the team with the stronger defense usually wins the game.  Teams that can stop the run are particularly good wagers against Superbowl lines.  If a team is forced to become one dimensional they are usually a bad bet in Super Bowl odds.  As you look at Superbowl lines you will probably be bombarded with trendy features from networks like ESPN and lectured on high tech “west coast” offenses.  The fact remains though that football is, in reality, a game that comes down to brute force and strength and no matter how fancy a play is drawn up on a chalkboard, a defense is a far more valuable weapon for a team and for a gambler looking at Superbowl lines to have.  There is nothing worse than having your money on a team in Super Bowl odds that can’t stop the other team.  You can rarely outscore another team and expect to win, let alone cover the Superbowl lines.  That is why defense is such a key to winning games straight up and against the Superbowl lines.

Look back at Super Bowl history and you will see teams with strong defenses winning the games.  Even a team like the Indianapolis Colts had to have their defense playing at a high level before they ever won a Super Bowl.  The offense gets all of the publicity when it comes to Superbowl lines but the reality is the defense usually wins the game.  If a team can stop the other team when it really matters they have something to hold onto.

As you consider the Super Bowl odds this season remember that defense does matter.  The offense gets all the hype and attention in regard to Superbowl lines but defense wins games.

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