Dealing with NFL Betting Losses

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting losses happen to everyone. No one is immune to losing when it comes to NFL football betting.

Even the most skilled of gamblers suffer “bad beats” and just plain bad luck. The difference between those that make money at NFL betting and those that don’t is how they handle losses.

NFL betting losses are not always easy to handle. One of the biggest differences between a winner and a loser is each gambler’s ability to handle losing. To the loser, a loss in NFL betting is an excuse to go on tilt. To the winner, a loss is part of the “dues” one has to pay to be in NFL football betting. Beyond that, the winner knows that he must save his money for other games on down the line, and therefore he won’t lose his head by chasing temporary losses that would turn into a permanent destruction of his bankroll.

There are different strategies to employ in dealing with losing at NFL betting. The one strategy that will not work is using “bail outs,” also known as “chasing” and or “going on tilt.” As the old saying goes, the all-in move works every time but once. And it is that one time that bankrupts you.

One strategy that is used by many professional gamblers in NFL betting is a single martingale. This is where a gambler would bet his first game for, say $100 in NFL betting. If he lost the bet he would then double his next bet for $200. If that loses he walks away and starts over for another day in NFL football betting. Some pros will even go with a double martingale in which they would bet $400 on a third game, but that can get a little risky in NFL football betting.

Another strategy is what is known as “loss limits.” When a gambler establishes a loss limit, he is setting an amount that he will not exceed in losses over a specific period of time with his NFL betting. For example, if a gambler set a loss limit of $500 for an NFL betting Sunday, and reached it after the early games, he simply writes off the day and returns to action at another time. Setting loss limits is a great way for a gambler to maintain discipline both before and after losses in NFL betting.

Winners and losers in NFL betting handle losses differently. Losers overreact while winners take them in stride. Open a New Account and start your 2009 NFL Betting action at SBG Global!

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