Cowboys of Dallas at Packers of Green Bay Week 14 Betting Preview

November 26th, 2019 NFL Football

Week 14 of the 2015-16 NFL Regular Season has some interesting match-ups, and here’s one that should create some excitement for the fans as the NFC-East 4-8 Cowboys of Dallas play at the NFC-North 8-4 Packers of Green Bay with the game being played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin with the kick-off scheduled for 4:25 PM ET and seen on FOX TV.

Yes this is an interesting Match-up as the Cowboys of Dallas with only 4 wins and 8 losses are still with possibilities for a playoff spot since the beat the East division leaders the Redskins of Washington this past Monday night. Fans now wonder if the Cowboys can create a big upset in the road game at Lambeau, since the Packers have been very inconsistent in the performance lately.

The early odds for those that Bet on NFL at SBG sportsbook can see the favorite is the Packers of Green Bay at -7 -115 with the Over/under at 42 ½ and -330 on the Money Line, while the Cowboys of Dallas are listed as the underdogs at +7 -105 and +270 on the ML.

The fans of the 4-8 Cowboys of Dallas had win this past Monday night as they squeaked by the Redskins of Washington 19-16, and that happened to be the 1st win of the season when QB Romo wasn’t playing, which now puts them at 1-7 without Romo playing. But that win keeps them in the race for a playoff spot in the NFC East this season,

The Dallas team as many suspected have been struggling without QB Romo at the helm, as QB M. Cassel in the last game on Monday night completed 55% of his passes that total some 224 yards, and their running game meanwhile was held to less than 100 yards and that has been the case for the ultimate 2 games.

Fortunately their defensive unit has played well in both of the last 2 games on the road, as 1st they held the Dolphins to only 208 offensive yards and 14 points, and the held the Redskins to just 264 yards and some 16 points.

If the Cowboys are to stay in this game with the Packers they will need their defense to once again step up in a big way. They will be looking to their duo LB’s in S. Lee and R. McClain who surely can slow down the Packers TE R. Richards who recently has been the prime go to target for Packers QB A. Rodgers lately.

On offense Dallas will struggle behind QB Cassel, but possibly their RB D. Bryant can make a difference in this game, as he did against the Redskins in the 4th quarter when he had 3 big receptions, one of which was a 42 yard TD.

If you are a fan of the 8-4 Packers of Green Bay, then you know your team luckily escaped a loss to the Lions of Detroit winning 27-23 with last minute pass to the heavens which was recovered by receiver R. Rodgers for the win. The Packers had actually trailed in this game by 20 points before they got on the comeback trail, and if they had lost, it would be their 4th loss in the last 5 games, but instead became their 2nd win in the 5 games.

A problem offensively for the Packers has been the WR’s who have struggled, as they have been able to get open, and their running game has been stalled since their RB E. Lacy on his return to the lineup only had 5 carries for 4 yards in the game. Last season RB Lacey was responsible for the Packers win over the Cowboys as he had 19 carries for some 102 yards. Thus, if their running game does not reappear, it will be up to QB Rodgers to have a big part in the offensive success. In this game QB Rodgers will have 2 key OL returning from injury with RT B. Bulaga and T J. Lang who have missed games.

Since the Packers offense has struggled, their defense has kept them in the games as they held opponents to a mere 17.2 points each game in the past month and have held all team players to less than 70 yards rushing in the last 5 games. Thus, it’s expected that they can slow down the struggling Cowboys rushing game. In the ultimate 4 games with the Cowboys, three games have been at home in which they lost 2 of those games.

The sports betting prediction for this game with the 2 NFC teams is that the Green Bay’s will still struggle, but they manage to get past the Cowboys stingy defense and will win the game by less than 7 points.

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