Cowboys Come Back Against Giants

November 24, 2014 NFL Football

Eagles player tackling Cowboys player with footballIt is time for your NFL football betting recap of Sunday Night Football! It was late in the fourth quarter. There was 1:11 left on the clock at MetLife Stadium. Giants were up 28 to 24 against Tony Romo and the Cowboys. The ball was in the 11th Yard line in New York’s Red Zone.

Earlier in the evening, Giants rookie Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made, arguably, the best catch of the Season and maybe of the decade. If the Giants held on, they would have penciled in one of their season’s most important wins. Romo stepped back. He did a pump fake. His protection worked like a force field that kept all the Giants defensive line miles away from him. That gave him just enough time to look for a target.

Last night’s game was further proof that the Cowboys are for real this season, and that Tony Romo is as clutch as clutch gets. He is unfairly regarded as a choker, and last night’s performance proved naysayers wrong.

The Cowboys are now on a 8-3 record and are looking like a solid team that will come into the playoffs like real contenders this year. They have the talent, they have the drive, but, they also have the stigma of previous seasons were they were touted as a team expected to make it to the Super Bowl that saw their championship hopes go down the drain. Many NFL football betting fans singled out Romo.

Last night’s comeback by Romo and the Cowboys, were also a product of the mixture of a good offensive team, and Giants team who were not able to get in to a rhythm. Granted, the Cowboys’ defense had a lot to do about that, but except for Beckham, the Giants offense had the possibility of putting this game way beyond the Cowboys’ reach.

NFL football betting fans, can expect the rest of the season for both teams to play out like last night’s performance from both teams. The Giants struggling to find that rhythm, but with very brief moments of brilliance, and the Cowboys fighting all the way through, depending on Tony Romo’s clutch.

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